Hi Steve

I just wanted to pass along that the kids had a great weekend!  Emma had 9 shots on net in one game…which is more then she has had all season.  No goals but SO close!  Every single parent on our team mentioned how well she has improved and her coach said “its like in the last two weeks something has switched in her”!  She was so much more confident with carrying the puck and her shooting is 100% better.

Jack did have a goal and skated with the puck more then he has all season as well.

Just wanted to pass along how well they did and they can’t wait to come back!  In just two weeks we have seen so much improvement with that one on one help.


Thanks so much for helping my son overcome some of his nervousness and helping him get ready for rep level try-outs. Breaking into Rep level from House League is pretty difficult and I would say that the skills, drills and skating that my son completed at your summer Get Ready for Rep Try-outs Program prepared him for the challenge that lay ahead of him. Not only did my son’s confidence improve but his skills developed as well. Your program paid off immensely as my son did in fact make a rep team and his whole family is proud of his hard work and accomplishment. Your program is fun and a great tool for helping the kids make it to the next level. Thanks again for all of your help and we will be back for more in the future. Yours truly,

Karen W

A proud Mom

Thank you so much for the great coaching! Thank you also to Jurgen & to your patient goalie!

I heard somewhere that hockey is the mens best kept secret…… not for long…… I had alot of fun & would like to take your clinic again starting in January…


Steve and Jurgen are highly motivated and skilled individuals. Their approach to the game is to take what skill level your son or daughter have and build from that both mentally and physically with a real hands-on approach that doesn’t make any student feel left out. My son is a goalie and working with Steve’s dry land training and on ice programs since August /06 is more confident physically and mentally and at the same time having a lot of fun with it. Since Puckshy my son went from house league hockey to Rep.Hockey in the 06/07 season . Steve’s goalie drills are very beneficial, competitive and above all fun. We highly recommend Puckshy to any parent who is looking at a fun, educational program.

Mark Siddons

To Steve and Jurgen,

The kids are loving the program, they come off the ice feeling good about themselves and feeling like they have learned something. Way to go guys, keep up the good work!

The Fida family

My son will have participated in 3 of the session by the time the 2006-2007 season wraps up and for a 9 year old to remain interested and excited about attending each week speaks volumes, as does the fact that we make the trip from Bolton each week.

The instruction and variation in drills and techniques is much different from a structured team practice where much of the focus might be on tactics, plays and team strategy.

The focus on skill development has helped my son and 4 other members of his Caledon hockey team develop correct execution techniques which in turn ties directly into proper execution in game situations.

Goalies get the best deal going as far as I’m concerned.

The one to one instruction with a session maximum of 4 goalies can be compared to “getting a private education in a public system”.

For the money, you simply can’t beat the 5 hours of quality coaching the kids get over each 5 week session.

Tom Mathieson

Head Coach, Caledon Blackhawk Minor Atom Selects

Puckshy is an interesting company name considering that once you have been to one session your child will not shy away from that puck infact he or she will welcome the chance to protect it. My son is now working towards the end of his second session and he has become much more self confident, self disciplined and not to mention a string of shut outs which is a accomplishment to Steve and his staff. The rapport that Steve has with every student is amazing. We can not say enough about PUCKSHY AND THE PROGRAM.

The Masucci’s

The individual attention given to the goalies and the genuine interest and enthusiasm shown by the instructor is second to none.

Debbie Scriver

I have noticed a considerable improvement in their skating abilities as well as puck handling and shooting skills since they have been attending programs at Puckshy . The small class size has enabled the instructors to provide a great deal of feedback and instruction to my children and the kids really enjoy the creative teaching methods that Steve and Jurgen use to develop their skills as well as the individual attention that they receive from the Instructors. They are kept moving and work hard each lesson.

Donald Hearn